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Look Man This phone number cannot be used for verification

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This phone number cannot be used for verification

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Legitimate versions of these services are rarely free—but services like BurnerHushedand Text Verified are all affordable and legitimate. If you're using a phone that won't belong to you long-term, remove it from your so nobody can gain access to your password.

The next step is to verify the mobile. If the phone doesn't receive text messages, follow the on-screen instructions to receive a phone call instead.

A special code will be sent to the via SMS text message. View bookmarks on other devices. See this wikiHow to learn more. I was able to add a Gmail via Apple Mail using my nuumber. If you don't see this, you should already be at the right place—a form with a "Phone " blank on top.

Google certified associate cloud engineer

The count cannot be reset. The detailed steps are as follows: 1. As long as the code is correct, you will be able to move to the next step of the creation process.

Once the password is set, scroll down and tap More options, tap Do not add my phoneand then tap Done. The code begins with a "G" and will be in the body of the text message from Google. With the Googlepersonal history records and bookmarks are synchronized to the server, so that they verificationn be used anytime, anywhere.

In a browser: Click this link to access the -up. If you're using an Android, tap Next.

Finally, follow the steps to enable the registration. The phone should be in the same room as you so you can get the code yourself. Depending on your platform, you may have to enter some additional information, such as your name, before entering your phone. There is no need to demonstrate it here. If you don't understand, you can add WeChat thhis QQ to find my registration or add group discussion.

Discussion info

It should now have a Create link on the lower-left side of the screen. Either by yourself, or it may be a recycled which has been used ly with Google.

Once you've completed the remaining steps, your Google will be created and ready to use. If you're asked to in but don't see a Create option, tap the Forgot ?

Intelligent Recommendation. If Google require aand you cannot provide one, or you cannot open an using the methods described above, then Google will not let you open the.

Open the Gmail mailbox and click Add. If you're using your web browser, click Verify.

After an afternoon of tossing, I found that it is not a problem that the Chinese cannot be verified. If that's not possible, you can or chat with a friend online and ask that they ths willing to receive your confirmation code and provide it to you for verification.

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Delete the phone from this blank, fill out the form, and then click Next. Just be sure to remove that from the settings, once you have established the.

After entering the verification code verification, the user name password and the auxiliary address will be popped up. If you can't register, tell me, I will update other methods. If you don't have your own phonehere are a few ways you can use one temporarily: If you already phhone a separate Google and live in the United States, you can create a Google Voice phone for free.

But when I registered, I found that "This mobile cannot be used for verirication I haven't registered this mobile. The search data is searched by Google.

In a browser: Phond the phone is verified, you may be prompted to "Get more from your phone. You don't need a mobile phone, you can use a friend's phone, or use a landline.

No phone is associated with the. Finally received the verification code, the domestic mobile phone can be verified 6. The name column can be lost if you just lose it. Spruce Skovde xxx not sure why it would ask it when vegification a new elsewhere, but I'm glad I was able to create a new Google this time.