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Okcupid photo rules

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By participating in reviewing flagged photos, you may come across some disturbing or triggering content. Likewise, we also do not allow offers of money for sex, sugar daddies, acceptance of solicitation offers, etc.

Photos with contact information on them including phoneaddress, kik, Facebook address, etc - if it looks especially scammy, please flag profile as well Photos of the user as a kid, okcpuid of kids but without the user in the photo as well. This does not crop the entire photo- if someone clicks on the thumbnail, they will see the full picture, so if you want to edit out something from the image, you'll need to do it before ing.

We have a bunch of prompts about all sorts of topics, and Married wife looking sex tonight Litchfield can enter text or photos or both to answer the prompts.

Photo rules

See our full photo rules here. Please report any instances of offsite abuse, assault, harassment, stalking, theft, or anything else illegal or that makes you feel unsafe.

The More Interestingthe Better A classic portrait is great. Sunglasses are generally fine as long as they are not deliberately completely obscuring your face. If we see excessive and suspicious deletion activity we may hpoto your profile. Please try again later. For obvious reasons, we restricted this analysis to photos by cameras capable of a Looking Real Sex Woodbranch range of apertures.

Yes Last updated on September 17, Related Articles. Tap the icon to delete. Below are details on each of our photo rules.

Making decisions

We must see your whole face, or at least the majority of it. We strongly recommend the desktop site for a better experience. Almost all modern cameras embed this stuff in a special header, called EXIF data.

Illegal behavior It should go without saying, but discussion or promotion of anything illegal is not allowed drayton valley nude will result in getting you banned. We also do not allow unwanted sexually explicit messages on OkCupid.

Put your best self forward.

The minimum size for a photo is x px, so make sure the photo is large enough to be accepted. Please try again later.

This warning isn't a fake one, and we will ban your for multiple infractions. Our full photo rules are here, with details on each category and examples. On the app To a new okucpid on the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom bar to go to your profile. Once you select the photo, you can edit the thumbnail that will be visible. Follow the rules All photos need to okcupod our photo rules.

Photos of children alone or posted without permission We recognize that some parents want to Causal pussy Brand open about having children on their dating profiles, and so we don't outright ban all photos with children in them.

Okcupid photo rules at a glance:

This expectation also includes interactions with OkCupid staff. Technique can make or break your photograph, and the right decisions can get you more dates. If you suspect a profile of being made by someone who is under 18, please report them to us. Solicitation Using OkCupid for commercial solicitation or exchange of money is prohibited. There was a problem submitting your feedback.

See our full lafayette shemale dating rules here and about how to edit your essays here. If you've been invited to review photos and are not interested, no worries! In this time of Covid, many of pphoto are wearing masks in public, and may have photos of this that we want to share.

Community guidelines

Drawings or other artwork that are of you but aren't a photo. This does also include depictions of self harm which can in turn be harmful for others to see. We wish people didn't these types of photos, but they do. We consider this to be sexual harassment and will ban any rrules that are reported to us.

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Go easy on the flash. Messages should be respectful, appropriate, honest, and kind.

Doing any of these will get you banned. A of a scammer, fakeor someone up to no good is when they are in a hurry to give you their offsite contact okcuoid too quickly. Only Include You We ban people for good reasons. Yes Last updated on September 17, Related Articles. Was this helpful?

Photos of erections under clothing will also be removed. No one should be under any obligation to do this, so please feel free to ignore it completely.

Why was my photo deleted?

This is a great place to show off your tattoos, pets, places you've traveled, etc. Users with photos taken in the late afternoon get more likes.

If your profile text or name could be seen as offensive, hateful, obscene, or clearly trolling, we will take moderation action, up to and including banning your profile. This channel okcjpid run by the photo review community but monitored by OkCupid staff. You can report a profile by clicking the three dots icon to bring up a report button.